Holiday Balance

Tips on how to enjoy the holiday with moderation

Most of us love to get together over the holidays with our friends and family. That is until we remember how much the good times bring about some unwanted repercussions.

Wanting to be apart of the social drinks and nibbles often presents dilemmas. Here are some savvy ways to enjoy social functions, but still manage to achieve balance.

Snack Solutions

Most of us know when we are going to a party, we are going to indulge. This doesn’t mean going overboard and abandoning your hard work all together. Moderation and balance are not difficult to achieve with a game plan.

If you are going to be at a friend's or family member's house, you can offer to bring a dish. That gives you the ability to make something that fits your plan, that you enjoy! Roasted veggie skewers, shrimp cocktail, chilly or crock pot of your favourite curry.

If you are at a party where the food is provided, you can just make your plate with loads of great options. Chances are they will have healthy proteins (chicken, fish) and lots of veggies. With baked potatoes (sweet or white), rice and stuffing a serving the size of your fist is okay!

Drink Strategy

This is probably going to be the biggest hurdle at any adult function. It will increase your appetite, lower your inhibitions and probably not lend itself to helping with your food choices.

When using your calories on your allotted macronutirents, you will want to be smart. Wine and light beer make good options. If you enjoy liquor, try having it on ice or with soda water.

Game Plan

Try these tips to avoid adding a notch to your belt buckle:

  • Do not skip meals or you will be more likely to eat out of convenience!
  • Make sure to stay hydrated  - it helps keep you from bored eating and limit retention of extra carbs and salt.
  • Drinking Peppermint Tea or brushing your teeth helps the brain with mindless snacking.
  • At a party, stand far away from the food table and hold a glass of water or seltzer to keep at least one hand occupied to make it a little more difficult to grab from the appetizer trays.
  • Manage your stress! It will keep you from comfort eating, drinking and unwanted weight gain from cortisol spikes.

Any other nutritional advice on how to goal set and manage to have a social life, message our nutrition coach.

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