Avoid These Common Gym Mistakes

If you have ever done a generic ‘globo gym’ fitness class the first weeks are brutal. But after a while, they seem to get easier. These classes is being taught nation wide to thousands of gym members, for weeks at a time, choreographed to the same music. 20–30 members in a room are moving to the same music week after week. The music being the tool to drive the intensity and the same perception of movement to everyone.

We know as Strength and Conditioning coaches, that the same workload will keep producing the same results — hence once of the reasons why people plato in commercial gyms doing the same class over and over again. When I worked at a commercial gym I would hear people bragging about ‘Double Spin’ — two classes back to back. This is crazy, twice the effort and still not tangible results? Why do double spin? Even if your fitness goal is to be a competitive cyclist we all know Chris Hoy didn’t do double spin. He had a strength and conditioning program.

More isn’t better, better a is better.

So the answer is never to repeat a Workout?

There is more science to churning out random workouts every day and putting people on their arse in a collapsed sweaty mess. If you never complete the same workout how do you know you have improved? If a marathon wasn’t the same distance every time nobody would know if they are getting faster.

There is a smart, progressive, programmed sweat spot… maximising your time in the gym to reach your goal.

What about MVMT42?

People come to us to be pain free, decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, be stronger, feel fitter and look good naked. Thats a lot of demand, and running on a treadmill for 20min three times a week isn’t going to cut it. Especially when some people want to do a pull up for the first time and some want to deadlift 100kg.

So the most efficient and effective way to program out for our membership base is in cycles. Intuitively you can’t train to be the worlds fastest runner and the worlds best marathon runner at the same time. On top of trying to get your first muscle up.

As an established affiliate we pride ourselves in top class programming in the CrossFit classes. To judge this we take the most experienced athlete and the newest member and assess them in a class.

  • Do the athletes have similar times on the workout?
  • Has it been scaled correctly and progressively?
  • Have both members worked the same energy systems?
  • Was in carried out with a level of personal coaching?

If the answer was yes, then we believe the program gives a great framework for the coach to teach and mentor the member.

This is why CrossFit at MVMT42 is effective towards your goals.

  • Its programmed in phases to maximise the ‘overload’ effect on the body without causing over stress or injury. READ HERE
  • Its progressive and scaled for all levels.
  • Its in a small controlled environment where personal fitness goals can coached.
  • Its coached by Strength and Conditioning coaches. Not fitness instructors.
  • The data is collected and assessed as a group for the next phase.

We look forward to taking you all through the next phase. Enjoy the deload week. Its a lot of fun. The next phase will develop those first pull ups and work on recycling speed on the barbell. But most importantly it will be enjoyable.

Coach Nathan

Smart Performance