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With 5 BWL Certified Olympic Weightlifting coaches on staff and a 3x world record holder, MVMT42 provides a comprehensive approach to the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. The Barbell Club is offered daily to focus on improving the Olympic lifts of our athletes - whether you are looking to compete on the platform or a beginner looking to improve your strength. 

What happens in the Barbell Club?

The sessions are an hour long, with a primary focus to increase strength and speed. We pull, press, squat and bench as a baseline, all within a structured programme tailored for each athlete. 

Then we cover techniques to improve the clean, jerk and snatch. Each session is concluded with core and accessory work to help supplement the compound lifts. 

Who is the Barbell Club appropriate for?

A coach is constantly watching and giving live feedback during the sessions because the class size is small and personable. Because of this, the programme is suitable for anyone looking to develop strength for everyday life, speed for sport or wanting to compete as a weightlifter. 


Barbell Club Timetable