Our Athlete Camps are opportunities to share with others the coaching and training principles we have found most effective in preparing our athletes for competition.

The training and coaching principles presented will be geared toward individuals hoping to compete, at any level. Our coaches and athletes will have many lessons to share with you to help get you closer to your goal.


How does it work?

Our camps are run in teams of 8. That means we take only 8 athletes per coach and each group stays with that coach throughout the camp. It allows us to quickly develop deep individual relationships, if there is a high demand we bring 2 coaches, maxing the camp at 16 athletes.



  • Introductory Remarks, MVMT42 pillars and Layout of the Weekend

  • Weightlifting – Snatch Skills and Drills

  • CrossFit-Specific Gymnastics Skills and Drills

  • The Importance of Routine – Designing Your Pre-Event Warm-Up

  • Athlete Testing

  • Barbell Cycling and Movement Efficiency for Competitive Athletes


  • Weightlifting – Clean & Jerk Skills and Drills

  • Developing a Performance Mindset

  • Posterior Chain Development for CrossFit Athletes

  • Designing Workouts to Test Mental Toughness

  • Program Design

  • Nourishment for CrossFit



We have run Athlete Camps at MVMT42 for 4 years, bringing those that wish to compete together, away from those that enjoy CrossFit to build fitness.

With our team of 7 coaches we tailor each camp, they are never the same, always giving something new to our community.


Other Affiliates

We know what it’s like to run an affiliate, sometimes you need a weekend break to get some mountain top perspective or simply unwind with the family. Our coaches will run your facility for the weekend through our training camp, we turn up on Friday to pick up keys and hand them back Monday morning.

There is no charge to the facility as we bill per athlete enrolment.