The first 6 weeks…

How we induct new members to the community


A Gym vs Us.

A gym is not a community of like minded individuals that are looking to change their body. A gym is a facility, with spin bikes, weight, cardio equipment, selfies and no coaching. So we are not in the gym industry.

We are in the transformation industry.

“Our competitors are not the gyms around us, but fat loss pills, quick fix fad diets and fitness challenges. Most clients come to us because they want want to make a change, from where they sit now to where they want to be in the future.

It’s my belief as a coach, that long term sustained change is made through Fitness, Nourishment, Mindset and Accountability. I wish I could sell you a pill to give instant results, but I havnt’t found it yet. We have however created a great community of like minded people that are led by professional coaches in helping them facility the changes they couldn’t do by themselves.

It’s a movement. It’s MVMT42.”

Coach Nathan


“I feel like I’ve got more energy in my everyday life” - Louis


There are tons of 6 week challenges, what’s different at MVMT42?

The fitness industry pulls every trick to lure new members in, as they bounce around gyms and diets. This isn’t the clients fault, it’s the fitness professionals fault for not creating a sustainable and positive changes in habits and lifestyle that help the client out for the long term, if it worked the client wouldn’t bounce around! In all the noise, fitness professionals stoped being professional.

Here at MVMT42 we want to sit down with you and find out what exactly it is you want to achieve and in what time frame. Based on your commitment levels we’ll also be honest and let you know if that’s achievable. Then we want to test a few metics:

  • What your body composition is: Body fat, imbalances, muscle mass etc.

  • Test how strong you are.

  • Test how fit you are.

If you have spent 2 years making the wrong choices in diet and exercise, 6 weeks isn’t going to undo that. But it is enough time to see some real change and cement new habits.

Through our Fitness Academy we will coach you for 3 hours, set up personalised nourishment plan, give you our easy to use cookbook and track help your results in the gym. You do all this within our community. You can train every day if you like, there’s no limits with our timetable running throughout the day.

After 6 weeks in our community, we sit you down and take a look at the changes you have made, and how it correlates to your longer term plan. There will be positive changes to celebrate, so it’s making sure we reflect on them and build for future success with a membership option.

Our goal as your coach is to start you on a sustainable and healthy path that you enjoy.


Our 4 step process for new members

Screenshot 2019-02-07 at 12.05.40.png

Step 1 - Consultation

The first step is always the hardest. That’s why we offer a free consultation by fitness professionals to help identify what your goals are and how we can help. Everyone is in the gym for a different reason, so it’s important to find out your ‘WHY’ and make sure your fitness is tailored around you.


Step 2 - Personal Coaching Sessions

It’s time to step onto the gym floor. We have a 3 session road map that we take you through, teaching you the fundamentals of movements and how to do these safely.

During this time we strength and fitness test you, based on your goals, so we have a benchmark. Before you decide where you want to go, you have to figure out where you are now.


Step 3 - 3D Body Scan

This process is taking a benchmark of your health, that’s different to your fitness. Health is measured by metabolic age, body fat, bone density, posture and were you it on the World Health Organisation benchmarks.

All of this we can track for you, again, your first scan is about data gathering and seeing where you are today.


Step 4 - Nourishment

During the scan we talk about lifestyle and nourishment, formulating a personalised plan for you to follow. We also tool you with our MVMT42 cookbooks and ‘cheat sheets’ for the most popular restaurant and coffee shops.